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Time to say goodbye

24 June 2014

Dear Editor - The time is coming nearer to say goodbye to Care Centres, the homes that shelterrf us from the sun and rain, and kept our children warm.

I on behalf of the flash flood victims of Rove Police Club Care Centre, Holy Cross Care Centre, FOPA Care Centre, say thank you to churches actively support in giving foods and your prayers for our spiritual lives, particularly many thanks to the Anglican Church the church of Melanesia for your pastoral visits especially to Rove Care Centre and for your unexpected food supply to us victims; this shows you have the heart for victims.

SDA Dorcas thank you, you as mothers you do care for victims. You have heart by feeding us with cooked food and having fellowship with us in our camps.

Roman Catholic Church, thank you for giving us a home to live. The Holy Cross hall has given us shelter as a father who cares for his children.

SSEC, thank you central church for your pastoral visit and having fellowship with us.

Also thank you other Christian friends for your pastoral visits and donations by giving us bibles.

Not forgetting the Principal of Honiara High School, Coronation School, Tuvaruhu School, Mbokonavera school, White River School, Bishop Epalle School and SINU for giving immediate sheltering for victims of the recent flash flood, we thank you.

Also we wish to say thank you to the commissioner of police for being cautious with us in all our difficulties and more especially for giving your premises police club a place where we can lay our heads.

We also appreciate the support from individuals, ministry staff and companies, we most highly appreciate the help from churches since they do not have money but live on offerings and donations from their congregations.

I cannot believe it when the Government adviced us through NDMO that the fund to feed victims has now run out.

Where are the millions of dollars donated in the name of flash flood victims to the government and NGOs? Stop feeding us with words on your visits. “Visit dry nomoa NGOs.”

Frank Tafea