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Fake council of chief

16 July 2014

Dear Editor - Allow me space to respond in brief to the fake council of chief of east Rennell.

The recent signatories by those whom claimed as chiefs of east Rennell against our proposed plan to the east Rennell is nothing more to compare as those in the signatory paper aren't owned any portion of land of the eyed area, 

The management committee of the world heritage sites need no voice to this proposal because you don't have that credit to uplift the standard of living in east Rennell.

The chairman went on in posing assumptions that the premier Renbel had been paid for that..

Let me remind you that our views are predetermined by our status, when In fact the Idea initiated by the premier is a good one. It is our land and we want to know how valuable they are.

The claim that were signed and posed on your paper by a group of east Rennalist is not a threat to our proposal, in other words their tribal land are quite distance to ours.

In east Rennell there is no overall or traditional setting that a group was mandated or legitimated to looks after the said district.

It comes back to the very common exercise that each tribe has their own traditional practices that individually known to themselves.

This is not a self-serving practices, as you have mentioned it's the process that determines everything.

Sadly the central government will never consider nor allocate resource to our heritage site, the state party will only care to look for a conservation area and not heritage.

Your protest is indeed a misleading order. We have all the right to do whatever we want.

You guys will never stop us, your steps are impliedly telling the public that you are chiefs of east Rennell which are not true.

You have to be very mindful on issue like this,

And one thing you must know that it is our tribe that offer their little resources to uplift our very poor infrastructures.

If there is no proper setting of council of chiefs in east Rennell then there should be no dispute against our proposal.

We were not ignorant, we know what we are doing, so don't exhaust your effort because you can't stop us from our land.

Kevin Tetuha
East Rennell