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Good start for SIFF

01 August 2014

Dear Editor - When skimming and scanning through the Solomon star article No. 5577 Pg 23, last line of the paragraph, and I quote. ”Meanwhile discussion are still on for Division 1 and Division 2 whether to continue with second round or not” end of quote.

Is this way forward of sport in this country? 

SIFF before making any final decision about HFA league, first, you should send out a memo concerning the HFA league whether to stop or continue before you meet.

This is to get the over view feedback of every team managers and their clubs before making any final saying.

But if you decide to concentrate running TSL, you simply mean richer get richer for TSL top players while poor get poorer for HFA players.

SIFF are there any avenues or plan B to those who were excluded out of the TSL tournament?

Here are some suggestions that I think would suits the mindsets of HFA league clubs for both premier and Division 1 and Division 2 players that are exclude out of the tournament.

1. HFA league should be played during week days while TSL should be played only at weekends. Because TSL consist of 8 teams only compare to Division 1 and Division2.

Watch this calculation to support the above suggestion; TSL is equivalent to 8 teams and 30 players in each team. 8 teams x 30 players is equivalent to 240 players while compare to Division 1 and Division 2 there are pool of players.

2. For now any league should be organized like, inter secondary schools should combine with tertiary institutions (Don Bosco, SINU, UPNG, USP, Goroka etc..) and non school leavers leagues should start rolling. For example, form 1-3 age 14-17 are junior leagues while form 4-7 combine with tertiary institutions  age 18-25, are senior leagues and  for  non school livers age 14-17 are junior leagues and age 18-25 are senior leagues. 

This are ways to find out those outstanding and skilful players to combines with TSL players ready for the next world cup qualify for the under 17, 19, 20 & 23 training squad. Watch this proverb. When a tree is young we can bend it but when the tree becomes strong we can’t bend it. Is this what we want?  SIFF stop sitting in your office go out and do your research on how to improve the standard of football in this country.

First you must need feedback to guide you to become creative. Just take the example of Jesus He always love to story with children but his disciples stop the children to come to Jesus but instead for Jesus to agree with what his disciples says, Jesus answered them opposite and said, suffer little children to come unto me. SIFF you must learn to be equal with both side of the coin.

As stated by the acting police commissioner Junita Matangi in the Solomon star and I quote. “World cup help to decrease criminal activities in this country the end of quote”. SIFF that’s how we love football so the question I want to pause before pen off is what would you do with the Division 1 and Division 2 players if you continue to run the TSL tournament? Please don’t suppress Division 1 and Division 2 players they want to show case their talents.

God bless Solomon Islands

Alden Ijini Tigulu