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Renbel MPA resignation

01 August 2014

Dear Editor - Please, give me space in your editorial column to make comment with respect to the resigned MPA’s and Backbencher of the Rennell and Bellona Provincial Executive which published in the Solomon star of 28th July 2014.

Like the famed slogan; “Desperate time, desperate measure” This is laughable and disgraceful to people in Renbel province since it happened at a very odd hour where time is crucial and a concern.

To conform with the newly introduced political Integrity Bill, regulating elected members into public offices, whether parliament or Province, the latest action of these MPA’s and backbencher can be seen as calculated foul and assault of leadership without concrete reason accompanying their deed.

Whether they do it out of their right mind or madness. This is up to every individual citizens of Renbel province to judge. But personally, they clearly mean to rob leadership with the wrong use of people’s mandate.

What instigate MPA’s decision to resign embrace nothing but simply craving for money like breast feeding kids. They are misled to believe, they can upset rulership of the Premier Hon. Lence Tago if they do so but to who’s benefit, we don’t know.

Even from now after these MPA’s and Backbencher delivered their resignation letters and turn their back on the table, they don’t know and even confused what to do next. Not forgetting how regretful they will be. Undoubtedly, they only know how to resign.

Don’t tell the ordinary people in your Provincial Wards, to flee from Hon. Lence, you are cool and everything will be fine. You are actually creating a big mess for the entire inhabitant of the province and their governing system.

Remember, you cannot wash your hands and think your sins had been washed. This is scary conviction. I’d better see you no more in the next reign of Assembly members.

These ministers and backbencher claimed they are not consulted; neither having any meetings nor financial transparency and accountability transcended to them from the Premiers office is lame and poor excuses. Tell the truth. Your expectations are higher up the sky but are limited the way governing rules are in control by the Premier.

What is obvious, these MPA’s and backbenchers don’t have respect for the people as well as the aptitude to ascertain additional input within their means to curve financial grief associated with the province and its people.

Rather, they are liability all along to the Province and Executive. Leadership quality resembles many essence and values but I for one, Hon. Lence is outstanding than the rest.

Time is up buddies. Nobody is interested about what your next move will be but the MPA’s and backbencher can put on what they wish for, to move a motion-of-no-confidence or leave all to the ballot box which is just away our door to decide on all MPA’s fate.

If not, learn that new entrance is open for other none Executive MPA’s to be greeted by Premier into the Executive committee of the Province without  thought of stepping out of office as MPA’s gamble. Only court will clear your way from harming the system.

Really, blame game is not an answer nor even a solution, neither a running track for unhappy MPA’s. The National government cannot be fooled to finance worthless encounter under disguise of the democratic system. “Wes time ma’u”. 

Tegongotau’a Topue