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The lady on the dance floor

01 August 2014

Dear Editor - Allow me a space to congratulate the success of Guadalcanal provincial government for the past 32 years.

She was a 32 years old lady so elegant with her golden hair, silver necklace on her neck and a long dark green silk dress.

Her brown eyes lit as the Englishman offer his hand. The music was soft they started across the floor. The disco lights didn’t spare a minute.

Sipping a glass of wine a millionaire traveler eyes stuck on her from the side line as she sway with the music.

Knowing that she has stolen the show she dances the more.

Grabbing his chance the he  moved into the ball roam and waste no minute but hooked her and whisper into her ears’ would you mind are glass of wine.

Hesitated not, she sipped her first glass kicked by the raging wine she began to reveal her secrets to a stranger.

The night was completely wonderful she was totally blinded by the cunning traveler till the dawn started to unfold, she realize she had been raped, robbed and shameful.

She is a mother now all her resources are at the forefront of exploitation. Every January other kids will wave their tickets and say good bye to their mother land to flew to a land afar to gather gold of great price, While her kids wave their can of SB and travel east out of Town or West out of town staggered with their dirty jeans.

What would the future of Guadalcanal be in 2020? What achievements should we celebrate when all our land resources are legally hijacked? Today’s youths are completely neglected we never know what the use of the GP youth division. We do not see necessary to have a women division in the provincial government.

We are never visited and never seen a copy of development plan to keep us in track of development pace of the province.

All we do know is slippery foots and hands of provincial members in the present term and backwards.

Yet Guadalcanal was the heart of trades.

When will we ever learn? Unless fools never learn our doom is not so far.

It seems that one man’s meat is the land owner’s poison and it is on the table again.

The English man with the queen’s head is again on the run. Shake his hand again, or shake his hand wisely only the devil knows. The future of Guadalcanal is sculpted that very day you welcome the hand shake.

Leaders of Guadalcanal your fingers might be our POISON or BLESSING so you mind them right.

We rather love remembering a legacy of someone WISE than a fool with slippery foot, or an octopus of eight tough colorful arms.

GP you might be old by age but that doesn’t mean you are mature.

‘To be a mature is measured by transitional changes and how much sustainable profit you achieve as a team.’

To conclude may I acknowledge your team work and its impact to Guadalcanal province.

Wishing our province the best.

Ms. Loha