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360 credit points

04 August 2014

Dear Editor - Before I start my discussion, first of all I want to applaud those with vision to turn the old SICHE to Solomon Islands National University (SINU) and to those that administered the institution with positive decision to implement degree next year, well done on you.

To me this is amazing but a true discovery while others   they have different assumption to make about our national university (SINU) while my discussion is not base on criticism but seeking for good accurate explanation.

As per caption, there is confusion in my mind when I read through the degree courses in teaching (secondary) offered in SINU especially school of education 2015 that outlined in the Solomon Star with the minimum of 3 years. When talking about 3 years it simply mean 360 credit points?

This question clicks on my mind with a calculation. See this calculation. 120 credit points for 1 year + 120 credit points for 2 years is equal to 240 credit points THAT IS DIPLOMA + 120 credit points for 3 years is DEGREE 360 credit points. Is this what you mean about 3 year’s degree for teaching (secondary) next year?

Now before degree courses in teaching (secondary) rolls, what would school of education dealt with those that already get their 240 credit points and only left with 120 credit points with the minimum of 1 year before completing their degree qualification?

Are they going to join those ongoing final year students in bachelor of teaching secondary next year? 

Can the school of education especially secondary division do please explain the 240 credit points + 120 credit points to complete the figure 360 credit points clearly?

SINU staff thumbs up and looking forward for 2015.

God bless Solomon Islands National University staff and the country as a whole.

Alden Ijini Tigulu