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Christian identity

07 August 2014

Dear Editor - We claim that we are Christian country but why does those that organizing the Solo Icon encouraged our youths to involve by singing love songs for competitions. Is this what Christian is?

Why not hosting any education competitions like creating any songs about high esteem, quiz on subjects been taught to them in schools to safe guard them out of the world secular music.

By doing this it would motivates our youths to become who they should be in years to come.Rather than driven away their mindset to imitate those singers they attract. Is those singers they imitate would take them to heaven?

Get involved young youths in spiritual perspective like what Jesus encourage us to do. Jesus never sing love songs when he stay on this earth instead he go out to preach and sharing the gospel to others this is what we should teach our youths about.

Remember youths your identity means no one is like you but how can you be like others?  We are very privilege to call us Christian country but are we live like Christians?

Remember Solomon is not like other countries that practice terrorist, mafia, drug dealer because of Churches we have. That is why youth development is the foundation to mold youths by teaching them how to make discipleship ready for the lord to come.

And by doing so it will motivate their level of learning capability broaden at the same time they will know who Jesus is.

So as Christians we should live a positive healthy life style where Jesus wants us to be. Don’t forget that Jesus is coming and now is the time to refocus our life, grow in Christ in order for us to be saved.

We must grow our youths in Christ this is the only way will help us on how to be saved in Jesus Christ when he returns. We never spent money when we go to Jesus but there is lots of money we spent when we get hooked at Satan’s trap.

It’s time for us Christians to encourage ourselves through medias about Jesus second coming. Remember Jesus coming is like a thief so we must be ever ready at all times by preparing our salvation connect to God.

Jesus himself stated very clearly by saying I go and prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again.

For Christians word I will come again is good news and hope for us to welcome Jesus in the eastern sky.

Are we ready for Jesus to come, are we faithful in all that we do, are we fight the good fight are stand for the right, we must have Jesus in us. It’s free to go to heaven.

May God bless our beloved Christian country Solomon Islands.

Alden Ijini Tigulu