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Tago refuses to step down

07 August 2014

Dear Editor - Let me join the political tornados that hit our small province over the last few days.  Mr. John had rightly mentioned that neither Lance nor his defected executive members should be blamed.

Instead the system should take fully responsible to the current impasse being experienced in our province, and of course comes all of them (Full Assembly)

Only if the government would stop those kind of idiots where tend to dominate the assembly then definitely we’ll be ok.. Looking at the back drop- Renbel Assembly members except very few, otherwise most of them or the majority were meant to stay and do subsistence farming at home,  somehow the system allows them to end up in the Assembly which really coursing  a lot of headaches and uncertainty to the people of Renbel.

The Premier and his outgoing deputy, they are counted amongst the least educated and topping the literacy list in Renbel, yet very boastful and talk non sense. What you will notice is that they have a very stiff faces thus displayed arrogance and a kind of stupid leadership style in the expense of Renbel poor people.

As part of their ignorant I guess, they robbed, theft and talking non sense, yet they never realize. As earlier mentioned unless the constitution is amending nothing we can do to stop this bunch of idiots entering this house.

Only if the Premier is the kind of person that can be able to rationalizing  things, with and understandable mind,  he should refrain from making any more non sense  and public statements  in the media, he should feel embarrassed or remorse. Or even give up.

Knowing that it is illegal to lead a government by minority rule, yet  insisted  and never feel embarrassed.

In fact, he mistreated his defected executive because he believe his executives are all nuisance and lunatic.. He hopes he can just offer few dollars then they will return. Up until today, offer has gone up to $250,000.00 unfortunately he was not success so instead he vowed to hang on.

Yes, my close analysis on the situation- it will be very humiliating for any defected members or even any of the three opposition members to accept Mr. Lance offer. You guys should not sell your integrity as well your people that cheap.

On the other hand, Mr. Lance – your uncalled statement challenging the defected members indeed has no meaning at all. It is a respond of someone who has been so desperate and power hunger.

$4m bill whether will be footed by the province or company that is not my interest. What I still yet to reconcile here is your agreement to use that $4m for your enjoyments forgetting your many needs in the Province.

After all your infrastructure developments are nil, your station is far compare to other provincial centres, schools and clinics are struggling, etc.  yet you see it fit to use that $4m for your own pleasure.

Secondly, your challenge for court decision is again a confession of your fate without you’ve realize.

Yes, one thing for sure your cases are unnumbered. In other word, you have a lot to answer but awaiting your term. Soon after you exit that door then it would be easy to get the things touch down.

Otherwise, I just hope that if the law had captured and sent a good number of politicians to prison include the current speaker, the former MP for East Hon. Former MP for Makira , MP for Central etc. then who are you?

Lance, I bet you, you just need to be humble and repent because the law is still active and one of these days I will make sure you will rest your head at Rove, as the slogan has it- slowly but surely.

To conclude,if you cannot perform on the provincial level then what the hell you are going to do up there in the national level. How can you read any speech or contribute to any national issues debate in the parliament when you don’t even know/recite your ABC?

Enough - Lance!

Steve Moana