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Election, a click away

12 August 2014

Dear Editor – As we’re heading towards this most longed moment, I’m so sure that people are trilled and anxiously waiting for this national event.

It is a moment whereby each individual citizen of Solomon Islands put a mark in deciding for the country’s leaders.

It is like a deadly fever that affects everybody and none can escape from. Whereas, I can see this as delicious cake that everybody wants to have a taste of.

In this benchmark, I just wonder what’s going on the mind of all voters. Are we thinking of reshaping our country to a standard in which we can compete with other nations? Or are we thinking of driving it back wards?

Fellow country men and women, I urge you to take a closer look at our present government. If you cannot see any tangible thing which has been achieved in the last four years, I rather advice you to purchase a high powered torch light to help search for traces.

In case you might encounter some evidences. If you see nothing,then it’s time for us to redirect our thoughts and look for right leaders who will rejuvenate our country into better future.

This general election is the right moment to get rid of scraps from this decision making house, the so-called parliament, and replace them with honest and trustworthy leaders.

Parliament is not made for people who warm up the seats but people who can ratify crucial legislations which determine the present and future of our nation.

It is solely important we elect aggressive leaders, in a sense of recognizing the interests of our nation and upholding them, rather than be fooled by foreign interest.

Elect a leader who can stand alone for truth when others fall into corruption. Vote for a leader who can publicly condemn wrongful behaviours or combat corruption dealing in the parliament and nation as a whole.

I suppose we choose visionary leaders who can walk the talk” rather than only “talk the talk”.

Leaders who can set out trace of good examples for their constituencies and Solomon Island are most wanted gems to lead our nation.

We are sick and tired of hearing verbal developments in our nation. Many promises are made but sadly nothing real seen.

We can only read and heard of many visits made by current leaders. Are these visits of great beneficial to our nation?

Folks, Solomon Islands, as a nation, need people who can settle down, plan out things and proactively sort out uprising issues promptly, before involving in many visits that can swallow up tax payer’s money.

Thus, the only message I want to render to all good citizens of Solomon Island is to be very careful in choosing our future leaders, lest we write the same old story for our nation.

Many contestants will come to you as perfect as angels but a ghost to you after receiving the post.

Please appoint leaders who will stand for you, me and our nation’s interest both in good and worst situations.

This is a moment of change.Choose right, choose your future.

Tom Hence
Guadalcanal Plains