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Why forget Y.Sato?

22 August 2014

Dear Editor – Someone who needs to be thanked was ignored by the head of the Anglican Church of Melanesian (C.O.M) during the recent visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

If we reflect back on the release of the seven Melanesian brothers, it was Yukio Satu who played a major role in the negotiation process.

In fact, in a letter written and signed by the late Rt. Rev Sir Ellison Pogo to Mr Sato while he was Archbishop of the church, he thanked Mr Sato for taking the risk to mediate for the release of the seven brothers from the Weathercoast, which at that time was controlled by Harold Keke.

It is therefore unkind of the current Archbishop to forget Mr Sato during the recent visit to Honiara by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Mr Sato not only risked his life, he spent his own resources to travel to the Weathercoast to mediate with Keke.

May I remind all leaders of this nation not to forget our good men and women who have done good for the sake of our peace and restoration of law and order.

People like Mr Sato deserved recognition from both the church and government.

I’m surprised he was ignored and was not invited to be part of the programmes during the Archbishop of Canterbury’s visit.

Allan Siau