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Truth about Gold Ridge needs to be told

25 August 2014

Dear Editor – I would like to contribute on the issue of Gold Ridge’s St Barbara Mining Company. Last week, a person wrote a private view column which I myself viewed as a piece that warrants proper investigation by the Ministry of Mines and more exposure.

That person who claimed to be an investor made a lot of exposure that are quiet disturbing to me as a Solomon Islander.

I appeal to that person if he know of any more details to please let us Solomon Islanders know and provide such to the Ministry of Mines and Energy for close scrutiny.

It looked to me as if that person has a wealth of information about the operation of St Barbara and their plans.

We want genuine investors therefore want to learn from what happen to St Barbara Mining Company.

We want to learn from our mistakes in order to do better in the future when it comes to making our decisions.

And if St Barbara cares, can they make some form of response to that person please so that we are sure of what is going on. I think shareholders of St Barbara need to know the truth, so that the rightful entity is blamed rather than blaming the SI.

Concern resource owner