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Response to Repaka on NWC MP

03 September 2014

Dear Editor - May I respond to Abraham Repaka’s piece of information provided to Solstar issue no.5599 published on Monday 25/08/14 concerning above debated heading.

Abraham Repaka’s piece of writing carries only two points of his own making which did not shade any single ray of light to the points of discussion appeared on the paper against the current MP of North West Choiseul Constituency-Hon Connelly Sadakabatu.

By way of assuming, Abraham Repaka must be one strong hold supporters of the current MP who tries to brush aside the real issues affecting the people of NW Choiseul constituency. However, Abraham Repaka failed to even answer a single debated issue.

First, Abraham Repaka must understand, the intention of media coverage is to inform, educate and provide awareness about the dirty dealings and undertakings which the current MP have been doing during his 4yrs reign.

This is high time to expose such hidden practices to our constituents in order for them to make wise and important decisions on Election Day.  By taking the path to media, our people will select a better leader who is capable of leading us for the next 4 years hence the very reason to get media coverage.

So who are you to tell me that the media can’t solve the problem? The solution to this problem is to cast your ballot paper to the rightful candidate.

It’s very surprising for you to cry for a round table discussion at this eleventh hour when the term of this current house is just around the corner.

Do you think the MP can fix something within the next remaining days in power?  Abraham Repaka must be dreaming and childish.

Abraham Repaka thought that, when the MP assisted him during his sick days and took him to Honiara for medical attention was enough to level the current leader being honest and helpful to many? This assistance did not make a single difference for constituents.

 It’s time that Abraham Repaka must think deeply and wisely, think about the future of your village people, the future generation of NWC and the accountable activities to ease and access the basic services in your community. Don’t be short sighted and ignorant.

To base your assumption and accuse us for using false name is simply narrow as you need to do some more research and find out for yourself.  I’m someone who shares the same right just like you in the same constituency. I leave that for as your little homework.

The next better thing which Abraham Repaka should do is, consult with the current leader so that both of you can clear the air with the matters surrounding the MP, raised by Fidel Manuru and others recently, to the people of NW Choiseul constituency before the election day falls.

Hence, when the MP doesn’t respond to such allegation, it tells the constituents; MP Hon. Connelly Sadakabatu is guilty in his rightful conscience and cannot do much to come out clean before the upcoming campaign and national election. That itself leaves a lot of questions to answer.

Again, I urge the good people of NW Choiseul constituency including Abraham Repaka to vote wisely and choose a good leader.

Benzi A Liqawa