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Not music to my ears

03 December 2014

Dear Editor – Surely I am not the only one who thinks those vehicles that can be heard coming from hundreds of meters away are a menace to society.

You know the ones I mean.

They are the cars usually driven by young men who like to announce their presence on the road by pumping out an excess of decibels that must register as minor tremors on the Richter scale.

The bass is so loud it causes buildings to shake and puts a severe strain on our ear drums.

The drivers of the cars either don’t care that they are disturbing the rest of us at all times of the day and night or their brain cells have been so badly damaged by the noise they can no longer think straight.

This is a fairly new phenomenon and is yet another example of the no care, anti-social attitude of some members of the community.

If it’s not already an offence under the Traffic Act,  then it should be but it is definitely a public nuisance that the relevant authorities should address.

In the meantime, if those responsible are able to read this, please think of others and turn down the volume.

Andrew Radclyffe