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So reassuring at last

03 December 2014

Dear Editor – Sogavare for the PM Job. It was indeed refreshing to see and read the Solomon Star front page on Wednesday that one of our dedicated and most loyal Members of our Parliamentary Democracy may become the next Prime Minister.

Also very comforting were the composition of academics, experiences and heavy weights in the likes of Dr Sikua, Dr Kaitu, Mathew Wale, Danny Philip, Moffatt Fugui, Milner Tozaka, Ishmael Avui, Douglas Ete, Samuel Manetoali, Peter Shanel, Snyder Rini, William Marau, Stanley Sofu and John Maneiaru who will form a strong cabinet.

Congratulations to all you men of faith putting aside your personal ego and desiring to move the country forward.

The rest of the groups were in themselves men and woman of great vision and leadership.

Also by having the only female in forming a government is indeed an answer to our many women movement throughout our country.

Ask anybody in the country which MP they would prefer to be the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands, you will be amazed with their reply; Mr Sogovare.

Why? Because he has proven since being elected three terms ago that attending Parliament and making good laws and debating them is the number one job of any elected Member of Parliament.

Read the Parliament stats and you will be amazed, his attendance and contribution are living evidence to prove that his heart is for his country and his people.

The Honiara hotel camp must stand firm and beware of the money bag boy in dark tinted cars.

God is watching you’re every dealing. If this is going to be the Government by the people for the people so be it.

So refreshing and reassuring that Solomon Islands will be once again rule by a group of MP who will put the interest of our beloved country first.

The World is watching and so are we. The game is over is the common phrase used by the other camp members.

The media must be sincerely applauded for informing the public that there is another better group to form the next government.

Again Sogavare for the PM Job.

 I like the term job and not post because the connotation of bob is more meaningful as it refers to someone who will be assign a Job Description to perform and not someone seeking a post, because anyone can fill a post and does nothing about it.

The country is sick indeed of post fillers, our people want to see the credibility of their Parliament and Government restored.

It is for these reasons I salute the Honiara hotel camp. May God bless the Nation of Solomon Islands and her people from shore to shore.

M. D. Nukumaeva
South Guadalcanal