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Congratulations Freda!

03 December 2014

Dear Editor – On behalf of our families, relatives, friends and supporters, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your success in the recent National general elections for Vatud Constituency.

Congratulations, your victory can be attributed to the following factors:

  • It’s a Devine call – And you have made an accurate and timely decision to respond to this call. All glory honour and praise to the Lord of all creation who puts men and women into and out of leadership.

  • The strong support of those who believed in you support portfolio. The campaign team, voters/electors, family members, supporters and friends, who prayed and maybe sent words of encouragement before and during election season. Thank you all’ for your invaluable support and faith.

  • The ‘seeds’ you have been planting/sowing in past years into the lives of needy people, the gift of compassion and generosity giving heart you’ve been dispensing onto the needs of people using your own personal resources the Lord has blessed you with and I really believe that this is the key that unlock the favour from God the people to give you this awesome and stunning victory, remembering that we only reap what we sow/plant. Congratulations!

I also want to take this opportunity to call on all Vatud constituency people, in this significant point of time, to come together and support your new member of parliament for the next four years! The time for argument, disagreement and speculations is over.

It is now high time for you to unite under this New leadership to see the most remote constituency(Vatud) of this beautiful ‘Isles of gold’(Solomon Islands) takes its place among the other 49 Constituencies developing and contributing to the economic progress of this grate and beloved country!

It’s now time for you to forget the past and look forward with an optimistic spirit of faith, courage and determination of how you can support your new leadership for the next four years’ utilise’ the natural resources/wealth of the blessed Vatud constituency and reaping its potential and maximum benefits.

Once again, congratulations sister (Kave) Freda on your historic victory in this 2014 General Elections.

God blesses Vatud Constituency and our beloved Solomon Islands.

Neson K.Fanongamua
Central Makira