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Short bus routes

26 February 2015

Dear Editor – I will be very grateful if could allow me a space in your famous paper to comment on the above subject.

I am an ordinary citizen residing behind the outskirts of Honiara, and every morning I try my best to get early to my workplace, which is nearly 8km from where I am living.

It is sad to experience some new bus routes, which bus drivers and their conductors recently introduced.

Let me share one of my experiences.

One morning, I have picked a bus at the Talise market at Kola Ridge. The bus sign reads Honiara City Council.

Because it was getting late, I decided to board the bus.

When we reached the city council are, the driver turned his bus and headed to the Fair Trade area instead of the City Council bus stop.

After I dropped off I saw some fellow passengers, including students, trying to run across the main road to catch a next bus at the HCC bus stop. It is an absolute dismay to us passengers that boarded that particular bus.

While some of us citizens living in town being honest enough to pay you $3 bus fare to our required drop off locations, it is also vital that bus drivers and conductors must be consistent and act responsibly so that everything is fair and everyone is happy.

Lastly, all the bus drivers and conductors must know that lives of all the travelling passengers are in your hands so act responsibly.

Remember that some of our students, including new kids in town, are from many different backgrounds and are new to town.

Some are not familiar with the transport system so avoid the road crossing by dropping off passengers at designated spots.

While bus drivers and their conductors are trying to collect much profit each day, it also important to know that they are dealing with human lives.

Bus drivers or conductors, you can buy your spare parts at any convenient workshops in town for parts replacements, but the live of a human will never and ever be replaced again once it's gone.

Obed Ramo