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Tragic fire incident

22 April 2015

Dear Editor - The weekend tragic fire incident in the Tasahe B area of West Honiara must have shook the nation when it was learned that the early morning fire at a family home claimed the lives of two tiny children and saw the home totally destroyed.

What can we do to help the bereaved parents of the two children and help to get their home rebuilt?

The 'Sponsorship' section of my charitable website was left vacant in the hope of coming up with an idea of how to get sponsorship of young students struggling with their school or university fees. I have not yet been successful in finding a suitable way of doing that.
It occurs to me, as a suggestion, that if any business, hotel or organisation would be prepared to aid the parents who must be devastated in their loss by donating money to them to re-build their home, then I would be prepared to include any such Êdonor organisation, on proof that the organisation had given money, of whatever amount, to the the Tasahe B family.
If anyone would like to coordinate such a proposal on my behalf and get in touch it would be much appreciated. ÊÊRotary International, or Westpac Bank, perhaps? ÊThe Hotel Association?

A one-off donation of cash to the grieving family comes with my promise to advertise your organisation under the Sponsorship section of my website, illustrated as you would wish.
Please try to help those parents in their hour of need.

Yours sincerely,
Frank Short