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SI football club performance

22 April 2015

Dear Editor - I wish to comment on the current result of our participating team in the Oceania Club Championship in Fiji.  To me, the result indicates only one thing, it is all about teamwork.

Even a Team with a bunch of good players cannot succeed if there is lack of teamwork.  In addition in team sports competition, effective teamwork cannot be performed overnight but on a long-term process.

Football teams should be put together to train and play for long period of time before they can play effectively as a team.

You would have noticed that football club teams play together well than National football teams.  For instance, Barcelona and Real Madrid clubs play well together as a team while Messi Argentina and Ronaldo Portugal are not playing well as a team.

Reason being that they have not been playing together with their national teams for a longer period of time.

Thus the longer time players played together the better the team perform because this means every bits and pieces of each player’s ability and style and team tactics and formation have been embedded in the whole team therefore creates effective team play performance. 

Sadly in this case, trying to get bunch of footballers from all dimension together in a short period of time to prepare for this highly competitive club championship will not work.  

It is high time SIFF and our football clubs should start reviewing better strategies if they want to see our teams’ progress in the future club and national football championships.

John Diau