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Congratulations Ricardo de Vivo!

22 April 2015

Dear Editor - Many soccer loving people in our country were disappointed and will not swallow the winless situation faced by our very own Western United in the current Oceania Club Championship in Fiji.

By now, some will blame the coaches, especially, Mr Ricardo de Vivo. Others will point fingers at the players. Whatever one’s feelings or position is, the game was over for our O’League representatives.

To you Mr Ricardo, I wish to congratulate you for your short time and efforts with Western United. I assume it will be miserable for you at this time. I wish soccer loving fans in Solomon Islands understand that coaches cannot perform magic or train players to win trophies in a short-period of time. De Vivo has only a very limited time to prepare the team for the O’League.

His understanding of players, their style, their skills, their mental and physical abilities and even their personal traits certainly need time (at least more than a year) to familiarise himself and to help him draw up different game strategies.

To the clubs and most especially sponsors, this scenario is an important factor for consideration as we prepare to battle in another round to decide our next Oceania Club Championship representative in 2016!

Ricardo Fratello mio, i complimenti!

George Kalo