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The rays come all the way

24 April 2015

Dear Editor – Please publish the following poem:

The rays come all the way
Reaches my soul on the bay
Fixing nets to throw over
The sea on the first moon
Light casts my shadow on the blue sea
Not knowing whose sea is this now

After it was signed into an MPA
But I need the meat as protein
I suppose I shall pay a few cents
For catching just enough to my feed

Someone came last yesterday to study
Under the banner of partnership
The moonlight my being feels you
More like the cover for a thief
Whose sea and land have been taken
Twice;during black birding now as seasonal worker

RAMSI is a tool of the globalists
Who funds the IFM & MEF?
The globalists; whose agenda
Is it to enslave us via NWO

The moon is no longer bright
This time around
For I have not gone out anymore
For my land is taken to dig out gold
The sea for the oil to enrich the globalists

Lord come for your kingdom is now right...

Stalin Fiualakwa