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Workers Policy

24 April 2015

Dear Editor – I am glad to note from a report in your paper that the Commissioner of Labour and his team are taking steps to review our current labour laws and policies. 

Just a strong reminder to Mr Commissioner not to be too carried away by the ILO labour standards but to look at those pieces of laws that are relevant to our society and meet our immediate needs.

You just don’t copy paste or adopt laws and practices that are not relevant to our situation and environment.

As a sovereign country, we have our own rights to design labour laws that are of benefits to our people and protect our interests.

As aLabour Commissioner, you need to be more proactive and creative around the pros and cons of the labour structure and system to align and meet both theILO standards and our local labour demand.

My advice is for your team to arrange and make a diplomatic visit to Fiji Labour and Immigration departments and undertake a short study on how their administrations have designed, enacted and executed their respective Labour Legislations.

If it fits our society well and ILO standards have not conflicting impact, then you just copy paste and put to our national parliament to enact.

I don’t think you need a rocket scientist to design those piece of labour legislations.

John Diau