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Honiara Central Market

20 May 2015

Dear Editor – The Central Market in Honiara is an important venue for the market vendors, shoppers and tourists alike.

Always a hive of activity and a place I liked to visit during my time in Honiara.

I was pleased to learn the members of the Honiara Central Market Vendor's Association (HCMVA) are committed to making the Market a safe, healthy and economically conducive worplace for all in cooperation with the Market Management.

Many vendors travel long distances to sell their produce at the market and are dependent on sales for their income and support for their families.

Working cooperatively and developing new skills augers well for the viability of the market and it is pleasing to know of the recent three day workshop under the auspices of the UN Women under the Markets for Change (M4C) project, funded, principally, by the Australian Government.

My congratulations are extended to the 30 women and the three men who developed the workshop and saw it through to success.

Frank Short
Bangkok, Thailand