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Pacific Venture must go

20 May 2015

Dear Editor – Logging is not a development and all along I have been an anti-logger.

My advice to the people of Manawai and Muki was not considered therefore today they started to experience the consequences.

I did not support logging and for two contractors to operate at one area as in our case is just too much as the destruction caused will just be too much.

Anyway having observed the two contractors (Samilisan and Pacific Venture), Pacific Venture seems to have no money and is here for fundraising purposes.

It seems to have no respect for the TA signed and failed to address issues. Commissioner of Forest should do away with companies like that.

As a principal landowner of some of the land under their concession, I totally disagreed with Wong, Denis and Aming's administrations of our resources and would like to halt their operations as quickly as possible.

Are'are Interior is responsible for destroying our people and resources.

As a licensee, you are to be blamed for taking Pacific Venture to destroy our resources and livelihood.

Today, you seems to worry more about your own pockets than that of our resource owners.

Samilisan, on the other hand, has a good management.

They seem to listen more to landowners and quick to address issues at hand. This is the kind of contractor should be working with our resource owners.

Our land is our mother and for foreigners to destroy it for their own good as in the case of Pacific Venture is unacceptable.

We don't go destroying forests in Malaysia therefore if benefits cannot be received by resource owners, then they must go.

On the above note, Pacific Venture must go out from ward 19,East Are'are, Malaita Province with immediate effect.

John Aonima
Principal Land Owner