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Arguing over word of God

03 June 2015

Dear Editor - I read with interest those who claim to hold the word of God arguing with each other for the past three weeks.

Don’t you know that the kingdom of God or higher self is within, not in any ritual, dogma, doctrine, law or tradition? The all seeing and all knowing is within you, a very silent space that no fancy words, theologians can express it.

Didn’t Joshus, Ben, Joseph (or Jesus) spoke about it 2000 years ago. He was trying to free the people or masses from their traditions and laws that are stagnate and not evolving towards the greater plan of the universe and its evolvement towards the wholeness of possibilities and actualization of what the human race can achieve by living a life of peace and harmony on this planet (mother gaia).

You erect your man made rules, ideas, laws and churches and claim that as a licenses to dominate others, to strip them of their innate knowing and blindfold the masses to follow something that is not within a power house or church within that shall set them free from the letters of tradition. No wonder the religious leaders and the government systems at the time and age of Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) killed him because of his higher God consciousness within.

If the real teachings of Jesus be known then people will start to understand that they have been doing IDOL worship for the past 2000 years. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free from religions and churches which is the barrier between you and your inner innate knowing (higher consciousness)

Please remember pastors there are a few people in this nation who are already seeing this truth and who are being enlighten.  You rarely see them going to churches or are dominated by any religious systems, but are true witnesses to the teachings of Christ and the manifestations of this higher consciousness. They have no status, names that other people look up to, they are simply being who they truly are. No religious name tags to fight over who is the best. They are be still and know that I am God that dwells within you.

A warning to those who claim to know the law so much. Matt 8: 11-12.

Please build the church within not the outside manmade buildings, Amos 5: 18-24.

Jenny Alarii
Universal consciousness