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Mobile banking

03 June 2015

Dear Editor - First of all I want to thank ANZ and its partner Telekom for promoting and bringing banking closer to our Rural Village people.

To those who actually roll out the ANZ goMoney project, I would say, you have done a very good job. You have professionally implementing the project successfully and everyone are enjoying the benefits of it now.

However, the downside of achieving the goal and mission of the project to its fullest is the incapability of the Telekom Towers to fully process the application used by the ANZ goMoney. Note that most of the towers in the rural areas are only 2G which means they don't have the capability to use the application for the goMoney.

The application requires towers to have 3G capability in order to successfully complete the deposit & withdrawal transactions.

To Telekom, please upgrades your towers to 3G so that this very important services can reach the majority of our rural people.

Thank you.


ANZ goMoney Client