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M.V DCCG voyage 2015

30 July 2015

Dear Editor - The fantastic project statement sounded by the captain not long after he was back in charge are all we have been waiting for, for the long time.

Now its good news for the hearing isn’t it. Let alone a senior cabinet minister spill the bean and the reining saga controversial.

 Hem gud capt, but let’s tackle corruption head on first and the rest later. Let’s do it now or never or forget about dis-charge the ship’s manifest projects list. The sooner the better.

Three or so more years to go and we will call it day is not enough a time to do anything of that big if we don’t act now. Say and do nao naes.

Throw those rotten apples over board or they will cause the full caption to go rotten and MV DCCG dudu back or sink.

You have got already a good number able seamen on your side on board.

Just watch out for the Jonas and Judas. Sail on MV DCCG, sail safely.


Andrew Naomaisia