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The floods cruelties

20 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Dear Editor, I would be pleased if you could kindly print my poem in your coming issue.

Once our great friends

Our rivers span against us
Swung their fangs and daggers
To stab, maul, split and slay
Taking us by surprise
As we stood stunned
Watching drily agape!
What a cruelty!
Once our prized government
Our NCRA turned against us
Swung their pens and signatures
To pinch, lavish and squander
Sharing $15M to our surprise
As our victims sat omitted
Lying traumatized and ached!
What a cruelty!
Once our devoted Christians
Our wantoks schemed against us
Swung away their faith and love
To queue, fake and steal
Parasiting on the aid supplies
As our victims watched baffled
Looking desperate and raged!
What a cruelty!

Vinnie D. Nomae
USP SI Campus