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Gov’t deprives flood victims

10 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Again the government had deprived the innocent victims of the recent flash flood by sharing amongst themselves $300,000 each for the purpose of assistance.

What we knew is, this money will be used for luring voters and shared to political supporters only and not to the innocent victims.

Remember, the very people politicians are banking on for the upcoming elections are the ones suffering now, so why give them the victims money when they seem not to care at all about the people?

As someone whose home was watered during the flood, I am very disappointed when MPs disassociated themselves from visiting the victims and only to hear of their existence during disbursements of funds.

This raises a lot of questions as MPs are now seen as fund lovers than the people.

As someone who resides in one of the care centres, I hate to see politicians politicizing the disaster.

It is a natural disaster and all victims deserved assistance.

It is very sad that MPs are now asking for ID cards before providing small assistance to victims.

I understand that the rest of the MPs will apply the same. No leader in his or her right mind would do this to the already suffering people. This is a classic example of how corrupt our national leaders are.

MPs with ethics will not accept such money if their constituencies are not affected but as things are, the money is now in their pockets and so as a victim, I don't know which victims are to be assisted as even till now the MPs positions are yet to be located and they are yet to show up at the care centres to see for themselves who the real victims are.

Distancing them away now means no more help to the victims from the fund.

As a victim myself, I called on the MP for East Are'are  several times last week end to witness  the damaged caused to my home and though positively assured me of his visit, he never showed up since then till now.

This is the kind of attitude I am talking about.

Why gave the money to the MPs when they don't care at all about the safety and the status  of their people?

If leaders can confuse themselves with natural disaster and politics then they deserve no place in the parliament of Solomon Islands.

Today, many of the victims are now become spectators, it is now a week after the flash flood and they are yet to receive any assistance.

Donors are now asked to coordinate their assistance themselves or channel them directly to NDC if victims are to have a little bit from the cake.

We have no confidence in our  self-serving MPs. Enough is enough.

John Aonima
White River School Care Center