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Financial hoax

10 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR – Dr Tarcisius Kabutaulaka is not far from the truth, that is a flooded politics amidst the devastating situation Honiara and some parts of Guadalcanal are now experiencing.

Some money mongers obviously have taken advantage of the detriment of the real victims; some public servants whose official duty is to serve the public are serving themselves, while distributing food supplies, so they say.

How much more for the MPs as they have just got OK for each of them, to receive  $300,000 each in the pre-text of assisting their constituents when all 50 constituencies are not declared disasters areas?

What a ploy our law makers have schemed for themselves? Watch out the general Parliamentary election is looming and politics becomes paramount to the sitting MPs as far as re-entry is concerned.

Surely they will not give any help (if they ever will), not with good heart buy to buy their means of getting re-elected by all means.

Those three members of the Parliament of Honiara and some Guadalcanal MP’s certainly have problems to solve with their constituents, not the rest of the MPs.

The prime Minister in their defence, said that the funding was part of their CDF. That is a lame excuse because of the timing and its alleged purpose.

What about many others who are not victims of this recent disaster? This is Discriminatory use of the public funds which is meant for constituency developments, which benefit all concern.

If the government is going to help our genuine victims, use some other funds and let CDF for its real intension and purpose, otherwise it is now an ideal time to start buying votes in the name of “helpem wantok and helpem mi seleva too.”

Don’t you think so?

John Tinonibona