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Disaster, comfort and hope

10 April 2014

DEAR EDITOR - Grateful if you could publish this article in your daily newspaper.

This article purposely written to fellow country men, women and children who were terribly affected by the worst flood, and to share my personal views on how to derive goals, visions and objectives from the disasters.

Firstly, “Your majesty, King Jesus, grant comfort, peace and hope to the Solomon families who lost love ones in the recent deadly flood, may Your assurance (John 11: 23-25) touches lives of the heart broken families. Jesus you were innocently killed on the cross because of the world’s transgression, Solomon lost the eight innocent children and several other adults, the primary cause of this was an aggressive river, LORD it is our nation’s humble prayer that comfort is tangibly experience and life is restore to the most affected families (Amen).

Secondly, thank God for NGOs like, Red Cross, world Vision, SIFII, SI government agents and other Oversea aid Partners ( AUSaid, NZaid, USaid etc) who have quickly express sympathy by giving food, water and other material things. This is true faith express in love.

In other words, giving is the true expression of love and sympathy.

Moreover, great leadership in other countries derive achievable visions during disasters, for instance, on 11 September 1999, President George W. Bush stood beside the destructed building and said, “Terrorists have shaken the foundation of this building but not the foundation of this Nation (USA).”

He then continue... “ we will hunt globally (in the café, under the sea, in the tree trunk etc.) for these culprits”.

This was most powerful statement that turn into a national goal which was achieved in 2011 (Osama capture).

In addition to this, in 1960, President John F Kennedy visited NASA and said, “We will put a man on the moon within this decade and return him alive.”

Within 10 years (1970), US man landed safely on the moon. This is a practical way to create or formulate national goals.

The three Aprils national disasters: April 5, 2006, burning of China town, April 2, 2007, Gizo Tsunami and the worst flood April 3, 2014, speak loud and clear on how to develop achievable visions for this beautiful nation Solomon Islands.

Finally, Fellow countrymen, youths and children, land owners, chiefs, provincial governments, government institutions, agents, non- government organizations; what shall we do now? What is the right word to say now?

What is the right direction now?

I wish all aspiring leaders, leaderships and agents would say (derive from these disasters): ‘’Wwe will put citizens first and safe ( Proactive Organizations), we will build,plant and raise animals on the mountains of the Nine Provinces (Decentralisation), we will be equipped with the latest infrastructural materials (permanent wharf, bridge, roads etc), we will have the best intelligible citizens in the next decades (Better curriculum), we will work harmony with nature (Conservation), we will create paradise in Solomon Islands (Clean environment).”

I am sure if such directives are turn into national policies, the first European explorer’s ( Mendana) description of this nation state would be a reality: “Isle de Solomon”. Nevertheless, nothing is permanent except God and His promises.

Simon Wanekwailiu Mau
Tasisi Village
North West Malaita