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25 March 2014

Dear Editor - I am writing this letter, rather like an open letter, in the hope that I can encourage the Solomon Islands Government, Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) or individual Solomon Island’s citizens to advise me how I can assist the many causes in the Solomons that might benefit from receiving financial aid by way of donations from the creation of a charitable website that I am prepared to design and fund.

It could mean that those organizations in need of funds may have to be registered, locally, as a charitable trust and the reason why I would welcome legal advice from the government on this aspect. 

It could be that there already exists such trusts, and I think particularly of the Tony Cross Disability Centre or the shelter run by Sister Lillian for the care of women and young girls in need of care.  

I’m sure; however, there are more organizations in need of financial support.

Internationally a lot of charities rely on voluntary funding but any donations directed to a particular charity need very careful control and proper distribution and usage of the money received.

I would need absolute assurances that reliable and trustworthy financial management arrangements existed before I would be prepared to appeal for aid through the website I would create.

Here are some other important requirements that would be needed to support the creation of a charitable website.  They can be summarized in a few steps.


The particular organization would need to have a mission and, I assume, a legal status as a charitable trust registered in the Solomons.


There would need to be a quick tagline to sum up what the charity is.  Here is a possible example.   ‘Help the standard of living of 84 per cent of the Solomon’s rural poor by every purchase of locally made, beautiful wood carvings.’


Sponsors will need feedback from the charity what their money is used for and what difference it is making in someone’s life.


Photos will need to be displayed on the website to clearly illustrate and be able to visualize the people they are helping.

Donation Button

There will need to be a donate button built into the website linked to the particular charity or charities – and here again I stress the absolute requirement of financial management arrangements.   It is simply an idea but maybe one of the local banks, such as Westpac, or ANZ, or even the local branch of Rotary could be responsible for the receipt of donations and for the proper distribution of any donations received by way of the charitable website.

Accounting Information

It would be necessary, I feel, for the charitable trust to give accounting of the donations received in order to encourage support from other donors and to evaluate the difference donor funding had made.


The website could be regularly updated with news and with photos if I could be given news of developments and activities relating to a particular charitable trust or others that might exist or be created to benefit from donor support.
If anyone would like to comment or offer suggestions then I can be reached by email – [email protected]


Frank Short
Former police commissioner
Bangkok, Thailand