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11 March 2014

Dear Editor – Since RAMSI arrived in the Solomon Islands in 2003, life for the majority of ordinary Solomon islanders hasn’t improved.

From the infrastructure side of things, the feeder roads in Honiara have gone from bad to worse.

Many of these were tar sealed in 1978 at independence, 35 years ago.

Please note that there are no new roads built in Honiara since that time and therefore there is no excuse for the government to say otherwise.

Using the road status as an indicator, one could say that we were better off 30 years ago than today.

Now if Honiara roads are appallingly bad, how much worse would be the case in the provinces?

This is an indication of a poor, failing or corrupt leadership (government) in our country. In all honesty and truthfulness the majority of leaders do not deserve re-election.

Perhaps another indictor would be the level of funding for education in our country.

It would be difficult to comment on the quality of education in the country but judging from the difficulty in accessing tuition and allowances for both SINU and overseas students, the chronic delay to do with the disbursement of funds to universities and our students is a very clear evidence of a poor government.

If we cannot improve on little things of this kind that has festered over the years, how much more difficult it is for the government to institute policies and laws that would bring about change in our country.

Let’s have a look at health in our country. As we speak the National referral hospital is inadequate to provide quality care for the population.

The hospital does not have enough beds for admission in O & G and surgical wards. The volume of care is simply overwhelming.

Non communicable diseases are increasing unabated taking up more space than before. The hospital information system is a wreak.

All the rural health clinics in central islands province need maintenance and upgrading work immediately. This is also true for many other health facilities in other province.

We do not have enough doctors to go around in the country. Teenage pregnancy, and drug addicts on the streets of Honiara are becoming common place but no one has any answer for these questions of life that actually impacts us.

With the above background, what is your view on the current leadership and that which will reign after 2014 elections?

If the current MPs come with money now and during pre-election period, will you accept it or not? If you accept it will you vote for them given the above background?

Or can you be frank and tell them (MPs) that you have had enough and that money however good it may be has its limits and own realm of influence but that bribery is an act of corruption not entertained in our day if we are really serious about change in our country?

If they (MPs) haven’t given out any money during the four years (in projects and other assistance: when it’s needed most) what is the motive behind giving money in the last or dying minutes just before elections. Is it bribery or do you have other terms for this kind of behaviour?

Phillip Kwaita