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Pride turned sour and shameful

11 March 2014

Dear Editor – When all required formalities regarding the construction of the Papua New Guinea Chancery in Honiara were completed, everyone was on high tune and forward looking to its impletion and subsequently, its official opening.

It did not happen as expected but woes and anxieties filled the place of the short-lived jubilation.

The building which was awarded to the little known Transworld construction with an initial injection of K9 million by the government in 2009 started to lay the foundation. It was just that. The skeleton structure is the only physical aspect to be seen at the construction site.

At the outset, doubts were cast on how the winning bidder won the tender regarding its background on building construction and its ability and capability, the essence that the Tender Board seemed to have deliberately ignored.

Some of the bidders were well established construction companies known for their splendid job in the construction industry.

As constructors with years of experience, they too were stunned where the little known Transworld Construction won the large and important project.

From there on, suspicious and expectations were or unpleasant result rebound on us just because of the stupidity of a few crooks. The sordid practices are rife and rampant, even visibly and need not to be micros copied, especially in government department and state own enterprises (SOE).

Apparently and what transpire are attributed to the bad tendering process which was somewhat believed to have been politically influenced and motivated, let alone the commission portion.

In fact, the size of the project, its urgency and importance should have placed the tender board members to meticulously carry out proper screening with almost unbias consideration.

Mid the board jail? Yes, indeed! Was it a disgrace and scheme? Yes, indeed. The process should be investigated.

On the general vote, whether or not officers have premonition and horrendous feelings when someone grease their palms with dirty money to forego their lawful duties and responsibilities that they were supposed to carry out.

Not at any time since Solomon islands attained nationhood that we experience the inflow and influx of political and official corruption that is vividly corroding the social and economic foundation of this country, where, even to the extent of foreigners infiltrating and influencing official decisions compounded by pandering officers.

The numerous attacks on our present government’s management is a clear picture of dissatisfaction and where bribery and corruption seemingly rampant, permeating our entire system of governance.

The good news is that construction work on the Papua New Guinea Chancery in Honiara has now continues to complete the debacle.

The Peter O’Neill’s government is committed to see the chancery to its completion. Papua New Guinea has engaged its own national Lamans Development local company to do the construction, seemingly no trust in our local companies.

It is not clear how the K9 million about (SDB $27 million) was used, because construction was delayed in 2010 due to funds or money ran out.

We, Solomon Islands have a sick government with too many cowboys riding horses too fast on wrong lanes enjoying benefits which are not theirs, so 2014 National General Election is on the horizon.

It is time to realise and remake our decisions. So the onus is on us, now 2014, either we learn and change or remain fools.

It is time to give out SOS – SAVE OUR SOULS!

Clement Weston Fakasori