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NCRA reign

11 March 2014

Dear Editor - Firstly, I would like to quote some famous important saying and statements:


  • No man is an island, and no one is indispensable
  • Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.
  • It’s human to want the reward, but not so human to meet the prerequisite requirement.
  • We have the tools, all the tools, we are suffocating in tools, but we cannot find the actual wood to work or the actual hand to work it.
  • Government comes from below, not from above; government comes from men, not from Kings or Lords or Military Masters; government looks to the source of all power in the consent of men.

Back to NACRA. Since taking power to govern Solomon Islands in 2010 with the short reign of Hon Danny Philip and his dubious removal and replaced him with controversial Hon Gordon Darcy Lilo as Prime Minister; there is nothing much for the country, especially the rural dwellers or communities to be delighted and happy about (it).

The much talked about rural development programmes with millions of funds pumped and inundated the country by generous aid donors and developing partners have never been utilised as expected.

The only significant aspect obvious or seen in the rural area is that people are struggling, clinics and school buildings deteriorating and livelihoods regressing or rural regression.

Then in the provinces, unfair distribution of major capital infrastructure projects seem obvious, which some were put on halt or unnecessarily cancelled for mere lame reasons and excuses.

NCRA’s reign has been tinted, soiled and marred with serious high level allegations of corruption against it leadership and ministers both officially and privately.

Provinces made since taking over the government in 2010, were either partial success or never been fulfilled.

This was so because there have been signs and practices which were sordid compounded by character moral decay, unfaithfulness, dishonesty and untruthfulness. NCRA, in fact is very good at planning and talking colourfully, crisscrossing important issues formally and informally in parliament, official ceremonies both locally and abroad.

Unfortunately, NCRA is weak and malnourished to carry out its tasks to improve the rural communities livelihoods. Some funds have been siphoned out elsewhere.

Some NACRA’s commitments were never been seen through, some poorly dealt with while some haphazard and confusing parking uproar from the public nationwide.

In short, NCRA is also good at paying lip-service; NCRA is mouse deerly good at soliciting MPs, and enticing them just for the sake of keeping its numerical strength and solidarity. Usually unprincipled MPs were targeted.

Apparently, vested interest for personal gain made them vulnerable and voracious. Bad financial management of projects for rural development has contributed of projects for rural development has contributed to the ragging of the life line funding for rural sectors being marooned and misused.

Long standing national issues like the teacher saga, student fees and allowances locally and abroad, national health issues – the Referral Hospital, RIPEL etc are still haunting us. Clearly, NACRA has rendered itself unfit and not worthy to be praised but to be condemned for failing to deal and deliver outcomes and better results.

The country is experiencing and enduring long suffering and mynads of problems in the arms of NACRA. It is anticipated that NACRA’s demise would eventually happen when the results of the National General Election are officially announced towards the end of this year.

National Election is expected to be held between September and December this year after parliament is duely dissolved. NACRA as a flagship of the current regime is riddled with public disappointments and discontent, full of loop holes and prevarications. As mainly clear, despite staka million dollar kam long kaontre, iumi stil pua nogud.

The funds were made available in the name of rural development – namely rural dwellers. Unfortunately, the funds have MPs tentacles encroaching them, therefore infested with political interferences and pressures. Most MPs are not experts in major development undertakings neither in financial accounting management and public administrations.

In fact some are just puppet ministers just good for “Yes and No” “I and No” such MPs entered parliament with nothing, contributed nothing to nation building, especially to make amendments or elete certain sections in existing acts and formulate and make new law acts to suit present state of the country in this modern technological era to keep us abreast with global standards.

MPs should never be allowed to handle funds meant for rural and national development. There are ministries, divisions and trained officers to manage and oversee the manning and carrying out of projects from starting to completion as simple mentors.

Clearly roles are defined that public officers are implementers. Parliamentarians are lawmakers. We have three pillars namely the parliament, the executive and the judiciary which are the foundation of country.

So voters, you are the only ones to make changes. You have the power just for one day that is the Election Day. Pray and obey our God Almighty to guide, protect and bless us to void off evil practices.

Clement Weston Fakasori