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Healthy environment, healthy life

13 August 2015

Dear Editor – Most often we ignore the fact that our surrounding predetermines our living.

Rubbish dumping is an issue in the country particularly in our main city Honiara as well as our sub centers in the provinces.

The no care attitude is one factor contributing to the increase unnecessary dumping of rubbish in the country.

However, it should be a great concern for all citizens to be conscious of our environment too. We really need healthy environment for our healthy living.

We need to dump rubbish in the right and proper places rather than littering or throwing wherever one wishes.

Dumping rubbish properly is therefore another approach should that be a need to avoid on-land and marine pollution.

However, littering problem is not only an issue in the country but it is also an issue around the region.

It is everyone’s business to keep our environment and surrounding clean and healthy for a healthy living.

Keep environment healthy to stay healthy!

Nickson Sariki
Year 3 Environmental Law student USP
Laucala Campus
Suva, Fiji