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Biometric voter registration

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – Concerns have been expressed in the media on the issue of our overseas- based citizens and students not being able to register as electors, therefore denying them the right of exercising their democratic rights in the up-coming General elections

These concerns are valid and have my support.

But what about our very own people in the country who would not be able to register because of the way this BVR is being conducted?

There are citizens in all the Provincial Centres that would not have the resources to return to their constituencies to register. Only those in Honiara are given this important opportunity.  Why?

There are eligible voters based in communities/villages far from Voters Registration Centres (VRC) who would not be able to travel to these Centres as well.

In effect, only those people with the resources or those who have the support of intending candidates with resources can take these costly trips to their VRC.

The system therefore is open to abuse and does not weed out corruption activities as probably intended.

It is also worth noting that voters out in the provinces practically have only 7 or so days to register with in the 40 days period.

A lot of intending voters who did not grasp this will miss out as well.

Even though a lot of resources are being expended on this important task, a lot more people than before would not be able to register.

I sincerely hope I am wrong.

Jackson Kiloe
Choiseul Province