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SINU we want our fees back

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – Please allow me space in your paper to voice out my frustrations and disappointments on behalf of hundred plus students who were sent out of SINU this week, which includes my sister, who came home very sad and discouraged, which I believe it had the same effect to the rest of the students who were sent home.

If we can all remember, since the beginning of this year all parents, guardians and students had been running around like mad, some almost stressed out having to be sent from one place to another just to get papers and fees right.

It was definitely a nightmare for many of us to stand in the line, hours on end to get to the front desk, it was not an easy time for everyone, but it was a great relief when at the end of all these struggles you got a positive respond that your child, sister or brother had been accepted to attend SINU or even other universities overseas.

Getting students into SINU is not easy especially for some of us with very little income.

You got to be a rich person to be able to meet these fees, which I had to strive extra hard to find enough to send my sister to SINU at the beginning of this year.

In spite of these I was definitely content because I know she has space, which is my concern, just for her to be accepted which matters most to me and I am sure this also refers to others as well.

However, our joys and sense of relief was short lived this week, when they were told that they are no longer accepted, their coming in to SINU was through the windows.

It was indeed a shame for all these students who had already taken part in the first semester, and were already settling in just to be told to get out, and re-apply for the summer course which will be in June.

I really can’t accept the fact that these students were already been accepted, why can’t SINU just accept and allow everyone to continue on rather had sent them home.

Just think again SINU, most of these students you sent back came from various parts of the country, from schools just to be trained to go back and help their communities after they finish their courses.

This is really another setback for these students, already had given up and would not want to have another go in June.

Without talking too much and to make the story short, we want a good explanation from SINU, we don’t know who the Dean of school is, is it Jennie Sime or Dr Daiwo?

And lastly we want SINU to reimburse all our school fees. I don’t mind if others would want to return in June it’s up to each individual to decide, all I want is my fees to be returned to me.

Lastly the Ministry of Education, Education Authorities and SINU should come to one decision or come up with some kind of policy as a guideline to avoid these disappointments in the future.

Hardie Kona