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East Honiara lacks clinics

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – Honiara City Council is doing fine in the health sector in providing clinic for children and a dental one.

A women’s clinic is being proposed and properly a men’s one next.

However, other areas in East Honiara like King George, Ranadi, SINU both Panatina and Kukum Campuses, Panatina Ridge and Valleys, Mbaranaba are still without this important life caring services.

These residential industrial and commercial areas have a bulk of residents quiet a big population in fact, one of the most populated areas in the city.

The present closest clinics are Vura and Naha, which are quite too far and situated inland.

I urge the two hard-working gentlemen City Mayor, Andrew Mua and his City Clerk, Charles Kelly to build two more clinics in East Honiara as their priority, one inland and one at or between King George and Panatina (FOPA) or thereabout.

Additionally, there is a great need to build more teachers and nurses houses to avoid absenteeism and unnecessary lateness.

At the moment, most East Honiara residents are still being denied these important health amenities but rich in sports and entertaining ones.

Providing clinics would solve more problems because Honiara city is still incomplete in terms of fairness.

Clement Weston Fakasori