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Miner’s attempt exposed

17 August 2015

Dear Editor – Please allow me space in your prestigious newspaper to straighten up a little bit the issues at Renbel Province.

Friday's article captioned as "Miner's attempt exposed" has mentioned some relationship between Mugava and Solomon Mining with World Link Resources Ltd.

We wish to clarify and inform the public specially the good people of Rennell Province that World Link Resources Ltd. was registered by us or at least we paid the registration in 2012 but we are not shareholders of the said company.

Solomon Mining Limited is British/American Company with Mother Company in Hong Kong named World Link International (HK) Company Ltd.

Solomon Mining Limited was invited by different tribes from Rennell starting as of August of 2013.  Since then, consultations, awareness and dialogues took place.

Solomon Mining Limited then received a written invitation by the Renbel Provincial government and Executives to conduct further awareness in the Island upon payment of the Provincial Entrance Fee in the amount of SBD10, 000.00.

Solomon Mining Limited as of this writing has gathered and sealed legal MOU with 20 Land Owners from different parts of Rennell.

All MOUs are legally administered by Pitakaka Law Firm, duly registered at Inland Revenue Division and furnished to the Ministry of Mines along with the Los demarcated maps.  All LOs were furnished complete files of the MOU.

Banking on 20 MOUs, we helped LOs to form a private business company named MUGAVA INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED.

MICL is owned by LOs who are interested to do business with Solomon Mining Ltd in a Joint Venture Scheme.  It is not owned by every Land Owners of Rennell but only those who signed the MOU with the Lawyer.

MUGAVA INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED and SOLOMON MINING LIMITED has come up and sealed a Joint Venture under the new company named as RENNELL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED.

RENNELL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED has filed our application for Prospecting License on 6th of February 2015 or a day after the APID PL has expired for no significant performance in consonance to the Mines and Minerals Act provisions.

To date, RDL application for PL has no movement or not acted upon by the Mines and Minerals Board despite the fact that we have submitted all legal documentary requirements in accordance to procedures.

We wish to inform the public and the good people of Rennell that our company, Solomon Mining Limited is genuine in our intention to do business and develop the Island into a World Class Tourism Destination.

It is the main reason why we follow the SI procedures accordingly.  We have no intention to avail of the short cut route to get to us to our visions.

We want to help people the right way.  That is why we are empowering Los under our Joint Venture.

To all those 14 Land Owners who has submitted their maps and draft MOU with us, please be patient.

We want to do things properly.

We will act on your documents as soon as we deemed it proper.  We are still waiting for clear guidelines from your government.

Finally, we wish to reiterate that World Link Resources Ltd. is not in any way related to Mugava Investment of Solomon Mining Limited.

We hope we made everything clear from today onwards.


Solomon Mining Limited