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APID issue

17 August 2015

Dear Editor - May I ask Mr Alfred Sasako to stop using his pen to bark over APID issues as his fundraising drive to make ends meet.

His recent explanation of his termination does not convince enough for the public, rather raised more questions over his credibility as a senior citizen striving for the good of the people.

The history of Sasako has surfaced that he was politically appointed on three consecutive government, but none of his contract then was successfully completed, thus this history speaks louder of such people who become liabilities to tax payers.

His appointment as a media consultant in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was merely a waste of money and time for the government to keep paying him huge packages with nothing productive come from him.

As I understand APID registered in the Company Haus as a logging company not mining, but in the commercial world nothing stops anybody to engage in different business activities. So there’s no problem with APID extending its business interest in the mining sector, where more revenues will tapped to sustain the national economy.

I want to remind Sasako that mining controversy on Rennell belongs to landowners and the investor, therefore Sasako must stop commenting on mining related issues of Renbel, because his media articles disturbs both APID and government’s efforts to pursue the matter in good terms with resource owners.

Your recent articles only articulate instabilities and discord for the people and APID.

The nation expect something constructive from you as a developed mind person since you are a former politician and a journalist should have assist in positive way to the mining situation faced by APID, Government and the landowners, but not barking behind somebody’s interest to tarnish the image of APID.

All your speculations on APID are weightless, and best described as a barking dog without a teeth to bite, since you have no legal grounds at all to prove you worth allegations.

But let me conclude by assuring you that APID has never done anything wrong since day one, because they always comply with the rule of law in this country.

In case you forget, APID is here to stay and you better use your pen for good course that will help boost economic activities in Solomon Islands, but not indulged yourself to be remote controlled in order to earn bread for your survival.

Takika Tu’ata