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'Thank you PM Sogavare'

17 August 2015

Dear Editor - I refer to the 'View Point' article by Mr.Sasako with the above heading about himself, in Star Issue No.5949 on Friday, 14/08/'15. The article showed the typical arrogance of the man Sasako is.

In brief, Mr.Sasako was trying to impress how valuable he is to be sought after by none other than the Prime Minister. His thanking the Prime Minister can be seen as an attempt to have the Prime Minister on his side.

He would be hoping that this would lead to the isolation of and the eventual sacking of the Deputy Prime Minister whom Mr. Sasako would regard as the main protagonist for his fall from grace.

Mr.Sasako is insisting that his "removal" not termination which is what it really is, is unfair. He failed to understand and humbly accept that he had been politically appointed and therefore must also be politically terminated.

He was also surprised that the social media was having a feast in celebrating his termination. Mr. Sasako must also appreciate the fact that his termination was a huge relief for the tax payers from having to pay his lucrative pay package.

Again the position he occupied (media consultant or something) was partly his special creation to fit his ego-centric nature. There is already a Press Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office. Why need a consultant in the same area who would basically be doing nothing, but paid a lot by the tax payer. He had previously influenced a similar move with a past, late Prime Minister when a 'Minister for State' assisting the Prime Minister position was created for him.

That senior Ministerial position has never been heard of since. In sacking Mr Sasako, the PM must be commended for saving tax payers money from being wasted for nothing on Mr Sasako's pay package especially for four years as Sasako was hoping.

Mr.Sasako is someone who cannot be sincere and honest about being in senior government positions to improve basic services for Solomon Islanders.

He is based in Brisbane where services are those of the developed world and therefore among the best in the world.

Personally therefore he would not see the need to improve basic services as in education, health, and economic opportunities for Solomon Islanders, as his urgent priorities.

His needs in these areas are well met in Brisbane and therefore does not care about doing something to improve these in the Solomons. What he needs is "lucrative" remuneration packages to support his living in Brisbane.

He is more likely to find these around the Prime Minister, or by being a Member of Parliament.

It seems that with each termination and failure to become an MP, the real Mr.Sasako is now better known to the Prime Minister and the East Kwaio Electorate.
Well done!

Gabriel Taloikwai