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Should we vote back the Lilo cabinet?

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – I read a copy or two of Solomon Star each week for the last six weeks.

Almost all of them contained one or two articles about individuals or businesses complaining that the Lilo-led Government had not paid them their dues or arrears.

If I could estimate the number of complaints:

1 article about arrears or dues each day, seven days a week, it would be seve complaints per week for the last 6 weeks total 42 complaints.

This means for the last 6 weeks about 42 individuals and businesses or service providers have come out in the media about Government dues or arrears. To make it worst some of these arrears are there for so long.

Therefore, one could conclude that the Lilo-led Government does not care about local businesses or service providers and every Solomon Islander, except their families and friends.

So let me ask the nation (voters), SHOULD WE VOTE Mr Lilo and HIS CABINET MINISTER BACK TO PARLIAMENT?

Your vote is your power! If you vote a corrupt person you give him the power to be more corrupt, gets more powerful and spends money for his own interest.

While you become powerless, without basic services, become hopeless and become a beggar at your homeland.

So let us make the right move, VOTE HONEST LEADERS and SEE THE DEFFERENCE.

Marcos Eliotz
White River