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Unfair distribution of East Honiara constituency funds

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – Before raising my concern I wish to congratulate the MP for East Honiara and his CDO for a work well done in giving to the people of East Honiara their dues in terms of RCDF, Millennium, Livelihood and other funds that meant to assist the people of East Honiara for Development.

However, I felt sorry for most of the applicants from other denominations because as I observe the distribution of the funds, it appears that those who have access to the funds are mostly from a particular denomination.

I would like the MP and his committee to explain to the constituents as to why they see it to only prioritise members of this particular denomination?

For transparency and accountability sake I would like the MP and his committee to disclose in this paper the summary of the funding from year 1 to date.

I also would like also to ask the MP and his committee as to where are the money that they proudly talked about for paying the TOL areas.

Robert Kabita
Green Valley





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