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The deportation of Moti QC

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – The issue surrounding the deportation of Moti QC is an issue that needs close scrutiny by all intelligent Solomon Islanders.

The truth was that, it wasn’t us (our government) that deported him but rather it was Australia that deported him out of the country.

This was the truth and no one in his or her right mind can ever explain away from this truth.

The Sikua led NCRA government was merely facilitating Australia’s wish in deporting Moti. In other words the leadership then was basically a group of puppets who really cannot stand up for what is right to protect our interest as a country and people.

After the Australian justice system freed Moti of the sex allegations, Hon. Sogavares position on sovereignty for our country was vindicated or proven right and Sikua wrong.

I do not really know if leaders of the Like of Sikua and cohorts are fit to occupy national leadership positions that are supposed to protect and uphold the sovereignty of our country.

Leaders who cannot protect our interest should not be re-elected in 2014, however eloquent they may be; if their actions are opposite to what they say.

Leaders must walk the talk no less. This should be the standard to measure aspiring leaders in 2014 elections.

The manner in which Australia interfered with Moti’s appointment right from the beginning did not look right. Any common person without much education can tell that Australia has some other interests in Solomon Islands than what they pretend to do.

This is the reason why they do not want a person like Moti to be the chief political legal advisor to the Sogavare led Government or any government for that matter.

If we are not careful the masses (people) who have no idea about what is happening in the world today will agree and support foreign interest in this country.

This is the bottom or foundation to government(s) non-performance in this country.

The majority of our people who are ignorant about what is happening in the world today are vulnerable to be use and exploited to support RAMSI when in fact anecdotal evidence is evident that the action of Australians does not add up.

The survey done by an Australian University about the impact of RAMSI on Solomon Islands and whether they should stay or not; was a deceptive ploy to make us think, move and act in a pre-meditated and calculated measure to support their cause in our country.

In the 21st century with all its astounding inventions that has converted the world into but a global village, the manner Australia wanted us to behave by subtle remote control is uncalled for.

Philip Kwaita



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