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Temotu teachers traveling allowances

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – It has been a sorry thing that Temotu Teachers Travelling Allowances (TTA) has been paid to a shipping company by Temotu Education Authority (TEA) has been used by few teachers for their own benefit and also by non teachers who pretend and claim themselves as teachers of Temotu, “shame on you” Tisa lelebet!

First of all, TTA paid by TEA belongs to all teachers of Temotu who applied for this allowance and as well as their immediate family members but not the general public of Temotu.

There are names on the list of tickets issued out are not teachers, not even their family members, how come these people have the privilege to travel under TTA, Tisa turu tu? Beside there are also teachers who collects more tickets than what their family should use, purposely to sell for extra money. What type of leader are you? Does it reflect your profession? Goodness!

So far the total amount of TTA money paid out for tickets has already been used by those teachers who have all these privileges to travel with hundreds of their family members and those people who become Tisa nomo taem fo taravol, leaving some of us teachers to pay for our own fares and other travelling expenses.

There are three questions I would like to ask here,

  1. Who is entitle for TTA?
  2. Shall we call it Public Travelling Allowances (PTA) instead of Teachers Travelling Allowances (TTA)?
  3. Is this fair to all Temotu teachers who applied for TTA?

Finally, I would like to call upon Temotu Education Authority to look at this issue seriously so that it will not happen again this year 2014, or why not just pay through to the accounts of those teachers applying for TTA rather than repeating the same arrangement and again those same people will take a free ride under the expense of Temotu education authority.

If this money is our entitlement then it is unfair to all of us teachers of Temotu on how it has been use.

Ken Forau