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Kasika Island

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – A letter in responding to an article in the Solomon Star on Thursday 5th Dec. 2013, over the ownership of Kasika Island by; Mr. Harry Dikimane of Hogokama tribe.

As appeared on the above subject of heading, as being publicised in your paper’s editorial column over the ownership of the said Island, as well other related interests of concerned, as clearly stated by the writer on 05/12/13.

In reply to his publication, I wish to thank your paper; the Solomon Star for allowing me this opportunity as to clarify in brief some of Mr. Dikimane’s misunderstanding, whether he was under some mental disorder, or through frustration, he himself only can explain it to us, for that matter any way.

Firstly, and while I appreciated his contribution of expressing his dissatisfaction in his constitutional rights, whether be in his individual interests, or on behalf of the prominent Hogokama tribe, for which I always gave high regards for them in terms of relationship with due respect to my late (father) for they themselves should know better in that regards or to what extent as he intends to let the readers in general to feed on, only himself know the real intention behind it.

With due respect to the writer, and the Hogokama tribe I must honestly assured them that, I was indeed disappointed of the manner and how I was taken for bad cause as what it implied in its grammatical tenses.

I must strongly emphasised limits strongest term that, please let this issue be sorted out in a normal procedural avenues, rather than defaming some one’s status and character for no good reasons due to having no better understanding to the issues before pointing finger at someone. “Look back long iu seleva tu”. Who was really responsible for the wrongs that we are arguing over right now?

Let us be more resourceful in our words and deeds, rather than blaming on someone who also become a victim himself, this truly reflect myself in this matter as in Mr. Dikimane’s publication I was wrongly blamed for having deals with a particular politician, and I am 100% eager to know who was/is this particular politician?

What I am really trying to express here is to remind us all that Kasika Island was sold out to the late: Richard Harper by no other; but, one of your very own tribal elder himself.

I cannot expose his name in this publication, because I personally have high respect for him. So iu an mi should save! Nothing more, nothing less.

Lastly, may I thank the writer for his courageous effort to come out in this way, but let him be reminded that next time go, and find out the answers fully before jumping to the trigger.

With my innocence to any deliberated deceitful dealing of interests for the sale of the Island (Kasika) I will always be mindful of myself, likewise you too be grown up! May I wish all of us this Happy Christmas Greeting, “God Bless”.

Charles Levi
Tribal Elder Kasika Island



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