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Sikaiana proposal project

09 March 2014

Dear Editor – Fishing project is the only gift Sikaiana community relies on in long terms and sustainable operation.

Fishing Fleet Preferable:

Sikaiana people are great fishermen from ages as a gift for survival. If there is no change of cultures there is no problem at all with the people.

To send children to schools is the biggest problem because people find hard to earn money for school fees with other expenses.

Today Sikaiana parents desperately need a fishing project that employs Sikaiana people to earn money.

The most preferable fishing project is “Fishing Vessels”. A sustainable project for all S.I Atolls to locally utilising their own fishing grounds.

While bigger Islands engage on cargo and passengers vessels Atolls could concentrate on fishing vessels through certain basic training before full operation. This is one of the issues our MPs should spend more money on rather than their own pockets.

Solomon Islands is a gifted developing Nation but to utilise it as God created to be is the biggest problem with our leaders.

We need to abolish every National law and consider the best way to all citizens involving in new National laws current National Laws corruptions will never stop and rich people will become millionaires even to billionaires.

If they miss this fortune the doors to behind bars are open there is no alternatives. However our National laws should be review and enact new laws base on our Melanesian culture or customs.

For example, customary land disputes, domestic violence, sea boundary, increase of regular law breakers e.g. Kwaso and beer black market etc.

Our new laws must be final by various groups of women as part of decision making in public societies.

Compulsory on MPs as law makers for the nation should be thoroughly reconsidered by the public especially when they (MPs) decide to change any law to suit what they plan for.

For example nautical miles for landowners should change farther than provincial and national if fishing vessels project is approved.


John Tepala