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Short bus route

09 March 2014

Dear Editor -This is not a new issue but the public outcry seems not to be taken note of by responsible authorities, a sign of no care attitudes.

This is a classic example of how no care our government and city council are.

All Solomon Islanders are really struggling to make end meet each day except the parliamentarians. The high cost of living faced by ordinary people every day are results of government high taxation policies.

It has now come to a stage where people are forced to steal and engaged in corrupt dealings for survival.

Whilst people's pocket had already dried up, came this bus short route issue. People had been crying yet to the rescue of nobody.

Government said to have set up a committee to look into this, yet no outcome. Honiara City Council is not acting either.

Honiara public, we are the ones suffering and if the government cares not for us as now, then my ballot will be reserved. What about you?

John Aonima