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Jane’s award

09 March 2014

Dear Editor - I read with interest reason's given by the supervising director of the women's division, Ministry of women for Hon. Jane Tozaka's award from the states.

It is understood that nominations for such awards are usually done within the women's division, MWYCFA for reasons only known within the four corners of that office.

As that particular office is confined to officers themselves, they never notice many women out there who are working tirelessly for the good of many women and children without a single cent.

If the winner is awarded along the line of courage and bravery as claimed by the supervising director, then I recommend that it be given to women who faced guns for the sake of peace in Solomon Islands during the tension.

The country only knew of Jane as the wife of a former diplomat, now an MP, and an MPA her self.

She was not at the log ponds campaigning against forced married of local girls to Asian loggers, nor a strong advocator against family marriage break ups.

There could be other reasons for this great award apart from cover up reasons given by the supervising director of the women's division.

Having said my views, I too applaud Hon. Jane for her award.

John Aonima