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24 governmental ministries

09 March 2014

Dear Editor - Insert this short episode in your column. Let’s take a close look on how MV Solomon travelled since tndependence up and till now.

If my memory is correct late Bart Ulufalu is the only unionist boy who fought the battle of trying to reduce the governmental ministries that became huge liabilities for the poor tax payers of this tiny little country of ours.

In fact, I like the way he sense the way this country articulate since independence.

Now we ready to go to the poll again and our country is at 36 years old since independence. Please I humbly call on our entire people of this nation to please give opportunity for another new line-up plus some current good ones who will change the twenty four governmental ministries down to basic seven ministries in order to help raise the salaries of the basic seven ministries only and the others just put directors only to manage their respective departments.

Practical reality example, last time we only have the ministry of natural resources only, it looks after fisheries, agriculture, mines & energy and forestry.

To be honest with you, we are trying to be somebody but we are nobody with lots millions of dollars being wasted on this huge underatking that are not making sense at all to the growth of our economy.

Therefore, on the 8th of September the House will dissolves can we sense the train we’ve been through or not?

Most significantly our country’s population is at the bottle neck in terms of unemployment and so forth anything can erupt at anytime and believing to be more than what we’ve been experiencing on the past ethnic crisis.

The 24 Governmental Ministries minus seven basic ministries will equal to 17 and we share the 7 ministries dudget subhead for pay increase for salaries of the seven basic ministries and another 10 ministries for infrastructure of this country like what was said by that big man blo world Bank I think country will reach where it suppose to be.

I think to make it simple, I better list down the seven basic governmental ministries that our country really need.

  1. Ministry of Finance & Treasury;
  2. Ministry of Health & Medical Services;
  3. Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development;
  4. Ministry of Police & Justice and Legal Affairs;
  5. Ministry of Home Affairs;
  6. Ministry of Natural Resources;
  7. Ministry of Commerce & Trade affairs.

And Let the Office of the Prime Minister as head of admin.

Seriously, we the ingenious citizens of this country are too tired of this Government creating ministries as idol for your game numbering politics we want a Government that there to give to the crying generation that needs better standard of living and can cope up with this hurricane wind of inflation rate of goods & services.

In conclusion, I plea on you MMF and other bodies that became watch dogs to dwell on this subject and elaborate more on this in educating our general populous who will ready to cast their ballots on this year’s national general election to discuss this.

And may I take this time to thank you people of this country to see this view points of mind and perhaps hoping you will realise the way we have been through since Independence for me 36 years minus 40 years it will gives us 4 more years to go to put an end to the forty years of slavery.

Best of luck for this year’s national general election 2014. May God help us to see the things that we never ever seen before.

 God Bless Solomon Islands.  

Allan Siau